energy solutions consultant

Energy demand worldwide is growing at its fastest pace, an exceptional performance driven by a robust global economy and increased demand for renewable energy, heating and cooling in some regions. Natural gas emerged as the fuel of choice, posting the most significant gains and accounting for about 45% of the rise in energy consumption. Gas demand growth was especially strong in the United States and China.

The cost differential between alternative renewable energy sources such as solar and wind energy compared to coal or gas has been decreasing as new technical solutions improve the reliability of production and storage methods.

Within the coming years, clean energy sources are expected to grow to at least 50% of the supply from their current share of less than 25%. Our ability to support the energy sector’s unique needs positions MEC to be a significant consulting supplier of expertise during the anticipated continued growth.

We understand that the expertise required for designing a complete generation facility starts with the permitting requirements and includes proficiency in equipment specification and procurement, site development, layout, foundation design, major equipment erection, and electrical distribution and control. Our extensive experience in major projects for all types of facilities lets MEC draw on lessons learned in many applications to address the technical challenges posed by energy. MEC’s energy consulting services include:

  1. Energy Project Finance Advisory 
  2. Procurement consulting
  3. Construction management
  4. Project management
  5. Monitoring and Reporting
  6. Sponsor Representation
  7. General Contracting