Infrastructure Solutions

With the increased global demand for major infrastructure with project sizes of greater magnitude and more complex scope, MEC can develop creative and innovative solutions to meet clients’ needs.

We provide high-value solutions for infrastructure plans, airports, bridges, highways, railways, Ports and harbors,  stormwater systems, Utilities, waste management, wastewater, water supply, toll roads and transit systems by using innovative  development, financing and construction delivery methods.

When we provide services to government agencies, local contractors, and commercial owners, we apply the lessons learned from our decades of experience supporting communities through our prompt assessments and infrastructure projects to resolve the need for new or improved infrastructure need as a  result of population growth, aging infrastructure, resource limitations, national legislation, and 

environmental considerations.

We serve as an extension of our clients’ staff to help facilitate design, build, and modernize infrastructure that improves the quality of life, promotes economic growth, enhances mobility, achieves sustainability standards, and supports our customer’s visions.

We provide the following infrastructure consulting services:

  1. Infrastructure financing consulting
  2. Infrastructure finance due diligence
  3. Program management
  4. Construction management
  5. Procurement management
  6. Project management
  7. Monitoring and Reporting
  8. Owners Representation
  9. General Contracting