Project Management

Our Project Management services are for the interests of clients. We coordinate and interfaces with other disciplines and stakeholders, and manage the owner’s design, development, implementation, construction, outreach to stakeholders, and the public where necessary.

We provide experienced leadership, best practices, defined requirements, manage risk and expectations, applied lessons learned, and innovative solutions to our clients. Our experience, collaborative teams, and proactive communications facilitate a decision-making process to help the successful delivery of our client’s projects.

By leveraging MEC’s vast Project Management experience in managing large projects, our clients have access to tools and solutions developed that meet their specific project needs:

    1. Real-time safety, schedule, cost, quality, cash flow, and status
    2. Real-time communication, information access, availability, and reports
    3. Simple, low-cost implementation processes
    4. Specific modifications to meet customer requirements
    5. Effective business processes and methodologies.